{ shameless plug }

OK. Here goes my shameless plug of ...

This website is the brainchild of a good friend
and his good friend. Lots of friendship connections.
Hence the shameless plug.

It's kind of a combination site of Overheard 
Everywhere and TextFromLastNight. 
But better. Way better. Don't even look at those 
other sites anymore. They're not as cool.
Friend #1 is a favorite design cohort of mine, 
check out his work here. He does web design
focusing on WordPress themes. He also is a 
complete database geek (sorry, but it's true) 
and has designed all kinds of CAD systems for
things ranging from a fire department dispatching 
CAD system to an event management company's CAD system.
Long and short of it? He's smart/way smarter than me.

So, I will end my plug here. 
But, go check out the site! Now!

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