Mad Monday, Anyone?

Today, October 19, 2009, is a true Monday.
This Monday morning kicks off the mother of all weeks for me, so here are some nonsense things that I love.

We went to see Where the Wild Things Are on Friday night.

FYI: totally not a kid's movie.
If I had gone to see this when I was 6 I would have been climbing up my mom screaming... especially when the Wild Things decide that they don't like Max and want to eat him... totally not cool (if I were 6). I, however, am no longer a six year old (shocking), and loved the movie. Spike Jonze did a fantastic job interpreting the book in a heart felt emotional journey of a young boy who's single-parent home has created some serious anxiety in him. It seemed to me that each of the Wild Things represented someone or an emotion that Max experiences regularly, creating a pretty heavy and somewhat sad plot line. It was sad enough that I cried when Max decided to go home to his house and mother! The music? Awesome... I can't wait to get the soundtrack. Would I watch it again? In a heart beat... just not with anyone under the age of 10.


This little stinker is one of the many reason why this is going to be the mother of all weeks! This is one of my sculpture projects that's due this week... and I'm not even close to being done.
It's kind of sea-urchin-esque. It is so random... but I'm fond of it.

This is definitely going to be the worst thing.
I have to sculpt a human head. Boo. End of story.
(that's not my work... if it was, I'd be bragging right now.)


Grace Kelly is gorgeous. . .

. . . and this dress is fabulous.
(both via K.I.D. Collective)

Happy Monday!


Amanda said...

I have been wanting to see this and I'm so glad you liked it! Now I have an excuse to go see it :)

roxsplace said...

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