{ design envy: Alana McCann }

Thanks to You Are My Fave, I discovered the portfolio of Alana McCann today. Her work is so crisp and lovely. I'm loving this series of Save the Dates and wedding invitations!

I have complete and utter design envy happening right now.


{ rainy prelude to the wedding weekend }

It's Wednesday, and although it's only a little after 9am, it's been an interesting morning:

- I walked to my car in a giant thunderstorm that would not have been complete without the hail. 
- I forgot to push that magical 'Delay Brew' button on my coffee pot last night.
- My jeans are too long, therefore in the midst of the continual downpour, my hems are very wet.
- I proceeded to dump 3/4 of a carton of cream into my coffee due to lid failure at the coffee shop.
- My boss told me I do not have tomorrow off like the students, we only have Good Friday off.

So, any normal human being that knows how much of a crank-pot I am would think that I am now in a foul mood. However, I'm not. Why you may ask? Well, news flash people, in case you haven't heard, my one and only Sissy-Poo is getting married this weekend! Take that Prince William and Kate. Her wedding will be much more fun and betterer. 

Although I'm insanely busy up until the moment I leave for my drive to New Hampshire Friday, I'm so excited for the wedding, that this crappy rainy weather is not taking effect! Only two days until the wedding fun commences! Woo hoo!

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{ welcome home, boys. welcome home. }

There is no greater day than Opening Day at Fenway!

Just think, Sunday night I will be doing the following things:

1. Listening to Tessie and other Dropkick favorites on the T on the way to the ballpark
2. At Fenway Park watching the Sox take on the Yanks in Game 3 with a wonderful friend.
3. Cheering like a moron for my team loudly and obnoxiously.
4. Singing Sweet Caroline with hundreds of people at the Bottom of the 8th (love).
5. Lamenting my devouring of a Fenway Frank and a few beers ... it's going to happen.
6. Riding the T back home either a) on a natural high of happiness or b) saddened by a loss.

Lets hope for A.

* photos via me.


{ low and behold, i still exist! }

Believe it or not, friends, I still exist. I am a bad blogger, and to admit fully to these character flaws, I have composed a list of reasons why I stink at blogging. Ahem ...

(pictures of the new digs created with my new favorite iPhone app Instagram)

1. I move a lot. Every time I move my internet goes buh-bye. Hence the lack of blogging. Sometimes I blog at work (don't tell!), but I really shouldn't. But I am right now.

2. I am very distractable. I take after my aunts/grandmother/etc in that respect--Oh look! A new delivery guy at work ... sorry. Like I said. Distractable. I'ts a problem. 

3. I'm very involved in enjoying my new apartment in Portland. It's vundibar (pronounced voon-dee-barr). It's got at least 5 different types of wood grains through it, 3 of those being on the floors. It's really close to the ocean, the highway, and an Italian family's sandwich shop. It's vundibar. 

OK. I'm going to try to take some pictures on a real camera, not just my lovely wonderful amazing iPhone, and then I'll see what I can do to explain the horrors of having a fully green bathroom (as seen in photo #3). Sometime in the future. I can't promise a very timely delivery ... I wouldn't want to set myself up for failure and all!