[ friday randomness ]

Thank our Lord Almighty that it is Friday! 
It's not even noon yet, and I've already had several 
very random things occur today that make me wonder 
what-the-heck is going on around here?

1. This morning on my way to work I was accosted by chipmunks.
Two crazy-in-love chipmunks rolled across my feet on the way to work 
while they were sexing it up. It was very shocking, appalling, mind boggling
 ... you get the point.

2. Three different people have suggested that I look like Rachel McAdams
today. I would love that to be true. Perhaps it's my Parisan striped shirt, 
high top knot bun, and bright red lips and nails that made them think it?

3. I had a lengthy discussion in the bathroom about automatic 
toilets, soap dispenser, paper towel dispensers and sinks. 
And how pretty much every public bathroom should take a leaf
out of the new bus-station-esque rest stop in Kennebunk.

4. I introduced another person to the phrase 
"It's darker than the inside of a cow in here." Be still my soul!

I hope your Friday is just as entertaining and is wonderful!



I am a busy busy person. Therefore, I've been
ignoring my blog, tumblr, and several emails... sorry!

My most recent discovery is SpyreStudios ... and I am in love.
I was browsing the web this morning looking at sleek
iPhone app designs (inspiration for a new possible joint 
endeavor with a friend), and I stumbled upon this site. 
They've got tons of great designs to browse through, 
which I love. I am hugely visual and am constantly looking
for sleek, contemporary design inspiration! I am loving these 
logos from their 40 Sexy and Creative Typography Logos collection.


[ design crush ]

I was browsing A Life More Fabulous this morning
(as always) and was shocked to see Sarah Lavoine's 
fabulous color choices for her apartment ... why?
Because this is exactly the look I was trying to explain
to my madre y padre after picking up a color swatch
with these colors on it! I love greys! 

Even though it's cool toned, I think this setup still looks
so cozy and sharp! Mixing great textures with high
contrast elements is so wonderful!


[ etsy love: lireca ]

One of my favorite shops on Etsy is definitely Lireca.
I own at least four bags from this shop, and I 
still have my eye on a few more ... 
(all part of my sick obsession with bags)

Top images: Pleated Wristlet in Park Fountains Mustard
Bottom images: Pleated Mini Bag in Chocolate Leaves


[ website revamp ]

I haven't been posting much lately, mostly due
to the fact that I've been insanely busy revamping
my portfolio book and websites. My physical book,
website, and Etsy shop are all undergoing a little facelift.

 I'm switching over from a classic HTML site to a database driven
php WordPress site. I'm hoping that the transition will go smoothly,
and that the new slick look will really catch future employers 
(and customers) eye. With a little help from a good friend and 
some serious (yet constructive) criticisims from sister, I'm 
excited to see my end results!


[ portrait: carmilla ]

I love this portrait series so much ...
in fact, it makes me want to do a great studio session
right now. Any volunteers? ps. It's raining so hard outside.
I may have to swim home from work ... just sayin'.


[ tinos, greece ]

I love these pictures from Tinos, Greece.
All of the curves, textures, and white-washing is gorgeous.
Someday, I think I'd like to go here ... maybe for a honeymoon?
via This is Glamorous


[ white ]

Loving these calm and quiet looking interiors
on my hectic Monday morning.
Don't these pictures make you want a cup of
coffee, a good book, and a comfy chair?